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Why I joined Restfull, a software for dentists who treat sleep apnea

If you know me, you know I've been pretty busy for the past few months. I joined the Restfull team as its first employee in September 2023 and we are looking to launch our new software in the next few weeks.

Being on the Restfull team brings me back to my days of working for startups with Atlanta Startup Weekend and Flashpoint GT. Our team has now grown to a well-rounded collection of 6 individuals located all across the country. Everyday is filled with new fires to put out and opportunities to learn and grow.

The software we are launching is incredibly exciting. According to the National Institute of Health, over 50 million adult Americans suffer from sleep apnea, 90% of whom are undiagnosed. The healthcare system in this country sets up barriers and obstacles for people to get diagnosed and treatment for silent killers like hypertension and sleep apnea, of which many studies show are closely linked comorbidities.

Dentists present a wonderful opportunity for people to be diagnosed and treated, as they are the only doctors who can prescribe and order a mouthguard appliance that can help treat moderate sleep apnea. Most people who are diagnosed choose not to pursue treatment if it includes surgery or a CPAP machine, so if we can get millions of people to be diagnosed and treated, this is a unique opportunity to save lives.

We plan to do this by combining easy-to-use, comprehensive software with best-in-class billing support and training. I've completed multiple studies on the sleep dental industry and the three common challenges I receive are billing, referrals, and using too many software tools. Restfull solves all 3 of those challenges.

My first six months on the job have been quite the whirlwind, from attending multiple conferences, getting the branding and website and social media accounts up and running, to creating email and sales funnels to the highlight of getting an article published in the Profitable Dentist magazine.

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